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Inbuilt LPG Gas Heater Inverell

13th September 2019

Josh undertook the gasfitting works for the installation of a new inbuilt LPG gas heater into a new location on the ground floor of a 2 storey home.

The works included:-

  • the upgrade & compliance of the existing gas line to accommodate the new LPG gas heater;
  • installation & extension of a new gas line to the new internal location for the new LPG gas heater;
  • conversion of the gas heater from natural gas to LPG gas; and
  • installation of a new flue and connection/compliance/gas testing for the new LPG gas heater.

Josh also had to locate & repair a gas leak from a previous/existing LPG gas installation within the home. 

After hours of searching, the leak was found in an existing gas line within a ceiling void, above the Kitchen area, that was connecting into the existing LPG Gas heater on the first floor.  There was much relief after the gas leak was found.