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Braided Hoses

16th May 2017

The braided hose – that innocent looking thing under your kitchen sink, behind your washing machine or toilet is a major contributor to almost 50% of NRMA Home Insurance water damage claims. When it corrodes and fails, it can result in thousands of litres of water flooding your house.

But there’s a quick and easy way you can avoid damage and the stress that comes with it.

If your home is over 10 years old, we recommend you check your hoses to avoid future leaks – just follow the easy steps in our video. After all, a simple check now could keep you safe and dry later.

  1. Check the manufacturer’s tag to see when your hoses were installed. If they’re over 10 years old, we recommend you replace them.
  2. Look for any discolouration, corrosion or frayed wire strands by lightly pinching your fingers and thumb along the length of the hose, feeling for compressed sections, rust, or metal braid that has unravelled.
  3. Make sure a qualified plumber installs your new hose.
  4. Check your hose every few months.

This article first appeared in an NRMA newsletter in April 2017