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Check your Hot Water System

2nd September 2019
  • Have you been experiencing problems with your hot water system?  
    We take our hot water systems for granted until they break down and need repair or replacement. When they do break down, we’re left without hot water at the most inconvenient time!
    NSW Fair Trading consider the installation of and repairs to hot water systems is part of the plumbing trade. Only licensed plumbers are allowed to install hot water systems in New South Wales and if you have a gas system installed, it must be installed by a licensed plumber/gasfitter.
    There are a number of different hot water system options to choose from today:
    o    Electric storage systems have a storage tank and the water is heated by an electric heating element.  (Unless the electric hot water system is a plug-in variety, a licenced electrician may also need to be required to connect).
    o    Gas storage systems heat water with gas.
    o    Continuous flow (or instantaneous) hot water systems heat water as it passes through a heat exchange system.
    o    Gas and electric boosted solar hot water systems use solar energy to heat water. Solar hot water systems make use of solar collectors installed on the roof.  When solar energy is not sufficient to heat the water an electric or gas back-up system heats water to the desired temperature.
    o    Heat pump hot water systems use heat energy from the surrounding air to heat water.
  • When was the last time your Tempering Valve on your Hot Water Service was checked?   
    Tempering Valves are fitted to your hot water service to mix hot & cold water and deliver tempered water at safer temperatures (in accordance with the National Plumbing & Drainage Code AS/NZ3500 & local authority requirements).
    For safety reasons manufacturers recommend the tempering valve be checked annually by a licenced Plumber to ensure the valves correct function and delivery of hot water is at a safe temperature. This valve should be replaced every five (5) years to comply with the manufacturer’s recommendations.  Failure to comply may result in the delivery of hot water at a dangerous temperature and may cause scalding.

If you require your hot water service to be checked, repaired or replaced just phone Josh McCosker Plumbing.

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