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Coronial Inquiry into Gasfitting Work

1st November 2017

(photo: Daniel Shaw)

In December 2014 an explosion in a granny flat resulted in a man suffering burns to 75 percent of his body. The explosion was a direct result of liquid propane gas (LPG) pooling and being unintentionally ignited. The Coroner has recently completed an Inquiry into the event and found that gasfitting work conducted at the premises was non-compliant. 

The pressure test conducted by the gasfitter did not comply with Australian Standards and the gasfitter did not check whether appliances were connected.  As a result of these failures the pressure test failed to identify a major defect in the system.

At the completion of all gas installation work or inspections, ask your Plumber/Gasfitter to provide you with a signed Certificate of Compliance and ensure a Compliance Plate has been installed next to the gas bottles.   This will certify the installation meets Australian Standards/ Office of Fair Trading requirements. 

Source: Office of Fair Trading NSW