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4th June 2018

’Just another day on the tools’ for plumber, Josh McCosker, could look like this:

A simple job fixing roof guttering and flashings, taps or replacing a hot water service, turns into a job involving an excavator or dozer or a commercial gas installation. Being a plumber does have its rewards, after all. It’s not the most glamorous job at times, but someone has to do it, and Josh embraces each challenge offered with both hands.

Country boy

His plumbing journey began in Delungra, a small town west of Inverell. Here, Josh completed his plumbing apprenticeship and has never looked back. Josh is a country boy, born and raised on the land in North West NSW. He can tell you that life on the land is a great start to a plumbing business: ‘It’s just the scale of things,’ he says, ‘As to how long it will take and what aids will be required to do the job safely.’ On the property, the job might be the installation of a small solar pump to laying many rolls of poly pipe for the reticulation system or even a new cottage.

Now, in the larger projects that Josh undertakes, including at mine sites, it could be laying pipes on a much larger scale together with either a dozer, excavator or crane. Josh takes it all in his stride. With years of industry experience behind him, efficiency management and the right equipment for the job all become second nature.

Diverse work experience

As a plumber, Josh has experience in each area of the industry.

  • In Inverell, Josh did a stint working for the Council as Water Supervisor. This job gave him valuable insight into the workings of the network of pipes in town, setting him up perfectly with extra understanding for plumbing work in Inverell.
  • In Newcastle, Josh worked for a heating company, gaining the skills needed for the various forms of wood, natural gas, LPG gas and gas decorative log heaters.
  • In Tamworth, Josh furthered his training as the Plumber for Tamworth Base Hospital, which gave him extensive experience in a public hospital environment, including public works maintenance, servicing of TMV’s and backflow prevention.
  • Whilst in Tamworth, Josh also branched into more diverse work including strata units, motel work, major supermarkets and retirement homes. Stepping into these larger facilities gave him valuable insight into maintenance required on a commercial basis.

Diverse plumbing work

Josh McCosker Plumbing operates from his base in Inverell, offering residential, industrial, and commercial plumbing. His days and weeks are as varied as the plumber’s life can get, due to his extensive experience in the field. Every day is a learning curve and some days are just not long enough. From installing foot-operated hand wash stations at the Inverell REAL Pet Food Factory, being on call for Cooinda Retirement Homes for annual and ongoing maintenance works, he also does regular maintenance work for Inverell TAFE including TMV & Back-Flow servicing, gas heater servicing, and general plumbing maintenance and works.

Josh has carried out Industrial works at White Rock Wind Farm and Sapphire Wind Farm and is a plumber for Public Schools work in the New England area.

It should not be neglected to mention that Josh is a SolaTube Skylight installations technician/agent, is waterproofing accredited and is a Bunnings Scandia gas and wood heater technician.

Innovative Plumbers with Integrity

Josh McCosker is an innovative plumber; dedicated, highly skilled and thorough in his approach to all areas of plumbing work. His website gives glowing reports of the work he completes. For a job well done with integrity, Josh is the tradesman for the job.

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