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Pool Leak

12th February 2020

Josh has recently been spending quite some time searching for the source in a leaking inground pool.

After removing the tiles, cutting concrete & jackhammering & hand digging sections from around the pool area many leaks were identified.

The leaks were originating from the skimmer box, the suction line to the pool pump, and cracked/leaking jet housings & pipework.

After investigations the Owner requested:-

  • the installation of a new skimmer box, new jet housings & new UPVC pipework to the pool pump.
  • installation of new pool PVC stormwater system for pool area.
  • re-concrete the sections where tiles were removed & replace the tiles from around the pool area.
  • re-locate the existing pool pump, chlorinator & sand filter, for ease of access & user friendly set-up in the pump house area.

Contact Josh to discuss any leaks at your place.