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Rain Water Harvesting System

3rd December 2020
  • Consider the installation of rainwater tank/s for collection of rainwater for use in the garden/lawns/car washing or elsewhere around your home.  
  • There are plenty of beneficial benefits to installing a rainwater tank and offers greater water security in times of water restrictions.  This may be the only legal source of outdoor watering in some locations.
  • Collect most of the rain that falls onto the areas of your roof, that are connected to gutters and downpipes, into your tank, to reap the rewards and result in lower water bills in the long term.
  • Installation of Leaf Eater Rainheads to downpipes – also improves tank water quality, keeps leaves & debris out of downpipes and the rainwater system & reduces maintenance.
  • Talk to your plumber if it’s possible to have your rainwater tank internally plumbed to your toilet.

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