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Sewer Blockages, Sewer Choke

27th April 2018

One of our more regular jobs is to address issues related to sewer blockages.

The usual causes of main sewer drainage line blockages are:

  • Non-disposable wipes
  • Disposable nappies
  • Sanitary items
  • Tree roots / leaves & dirt
  • Broken / dislodged earthenware pipes
  • Food scraps, cooking oil/grease constantly washed down the kitchen sink¬† - some cooking oils solidify & build-up over time. Grease backups happen when the grease and fats from your cooking get rinsed down the sink. This clog typically happens about 25 feet into your sewage line, where the hot water that goes down the drains is cooled off.¬† With no hot water to cut through the grease, it starts to harden and build up over time and then before you know it!

Save yourself disastrous backups, only put the right things down your drains.

Contact Us if you need any assistance with Sewer Blockages.