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Sewer Drainage Line blockages

2nd December 2020

These have been a common occurrence lately in Inverell. 

Read our The Three P’s article to what can happen when you flush what you shouldn’t.

  • Check any external pipework/taps/yard drains that surround your home, for wear & tear, corrosion, rust or any unexpected pools of water in your yard. 
  • Also check inside your home for any potential wet spots or odours/smells appearing around your bathroom/s, toilet/s and in the Kitchen or Laundry.
  • Overgrown tree roots and non-flushable items are very common issues that can block sewer drainage lines during summer.  
  • Whilst there is much debate about being able to flush those “flushable wipes” and “sanitary items” … it seems a common occurrence that we are called out to sewer blockages caused by these items.
  • Avoid washing fatty ingredients down the drain as much as possible. Grease that's washed down the drain will cool and harden in the pipes.  Instead of pouring this oil or kitchen grease down the drain, put it in a container/s to discard with your garbage.
  • The best advice we can give, is to make sure you keep an eye out for any sewer drainage problems such as –
    • your sink water draining unusually slowly.
    • your toilet flushing slowly; or
  • any leaks/wet spots outside in the yard/under your house…this generally means there is an issue with your sewer drainage line.

If you notice anything unusual make sure you contact Josh on 0427 477 559, before it turns into a major repair.