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Storm Proofing your Home/ Bush Fire Prevention

1st December 2020

With the storm & bushfire season upon us, it’s time to check your gutters/roof for any potential fire risks and reduce the impact of embers/storm damage to your home.

Consider the following prevention measures:-

  • Installation of metal gutter guards to prevent leaves, gum nuts & debris from entering gutters and downpipes. Various mesh sizes are available depending on the type of trees you may have.

It is a long lasting solution for keeping out pests (e.g. birds, possums, rats and snakes out of gutters).

  • Repair / replace any damaged roof tiles.
  • Installation of a roof mounted sprinkler system to reduce the impact of ember attack on your home (refer to for more info).
  • If your gutters and drains are not clear you are more than likely to get blockages, which in turn could lead to flooding. The best preventative measure is to take the time to clear out your drains and gutters regularly.
  • Trim tree branches near the house (after checking with your local Council).
  • Sweep debris away from drains and clear any that are blocked.

If you would like assistance please contact Josh on 0427 477 559.

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