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Water Leak at Rental Property

20th February 2020

Josh was called to a water leak on a rental property in Inverell, which had resulted in movement to a brick wall foundations & front verandah concrete slab of a dwelling.

  • It was identified the earthenware stormwater drain was cracked/broken and leaking.
  • Upon removal of existing metal downpipe & earthenware stormwater drainage, large amounts of tree roots were entering from the above join in the earthenware pipework.
  • TheĀ  blockage in the stormwater drainage line was removed with the earthenware stormwater drainage line replaced with a new section of PVC pipework & fittings.
  • The existing metal downpipe was also replaced with a PVC pipework & fittings.
  • It was recommended to the Owner that the earthenware stormwater drainage line across the front of the dwelling be replaced at some stage.

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