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Winter Worries in Inverell

28th August 2018

During the Winter season we were inundated with frost burst pipes and sewer blockages.

Burst & Broken Pipes

Common causes of burst & broken pipes are:

  • Wear and tear, corrosion or rusted old pipes may cause a burst pipe in the winter season, when you least expect it.
  • Water pipes not lagged/insulated, can result in a frost burst.  
  • Invasive Tree roots in your pipes.

If you require assistance, before you are caught out when next winter frosts re-appear

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Sewer Blockages

Most common causes of sewer blockages are:

  • Build-up of grease, debris or foreign objects in the sewer pipes or Council’s sewer main.
  • Partial or complete blockage caused by tree root intrusion into sewer pipes.
  • Sewer line collapse caused by old and deteriorated earthenware sewer pipes.
  • Also, please remember the “Three P’s”… when it comes to flushing the toilet…  only flush “pee, poo & paper” (toilet paper). Those un-flushable wet wipes and sanity items just hang around in the waste water system waiting for the most inconvenient time to block your sewer pipes and send unwanted sewerage everywhere, when you least expect it! 
  • Another thing to consider is to choose appropriate trees to plant in your garden around the sewerage line.   Some tree roots are invasive and will find their way into your sewer pipes causing a blockage.

If your drains are blocked (whether from those un-flushable items or something else)

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