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Latest Products

Don't like the taste of Inverell town water?

14th June 2018
We recently fitted a undersink water filter for a client that did not like the taste of the town water. This is a Raymor Twin Undersink Water Filter System. It has 5 micron filtration, dual storage,  dedicated tap includes LED light, Watermark Certified. Contact Us ... read more

Whole of House Water Filtration System

27th April 2018
Provides safe and purified water at every tap. The Puretec filter system is highly effective in eliminating 99.9% bacteria and parasites in your water and efficient in reducing taste, odour, chemicals and sediment in your water, giving good general purpose filtration. Contact Us today to have a Pur ... read more

Tempering Valves

23rd February 2018
The tempering valve’s purpose is to mix your hot and cold water to deliver hot tap water to a controlled & safe temperature reducing the risk of accidental scalding. The tempering valve is usually located at the hot water system and they come in various colours to suit different hot water systems ... read more

Instant Boiling Water

22nd November 2017
Never Wait for the Kettle to Boil again!! Install an instant Boiling Water Unit for use in your Home or Workplace. Not only cost-effective and energy-efficient, instant boiling water means you’ll never have to wait by the kettle again. Delicious filtered water is also perfect for tea, coffee and ... read more