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Latest Projects

Hot Water System Replacement in Inverell

25th October 2021
October 2021 has been a month of replacing and servicing Hot Water Systems around town… here are a few examples. Inverell’s Town & Country Club’s hot water service in the Kitchen area was replaced. A 315ltr hot water service was replaced under the floor of a residence in I ... read more

Slimline Rainwater Tank Inverell

5th October 2021
Josh installed a slimline rainwater tank at a residence in Inverell.  Prior to installation Josh prepared and laid a concrete slab base to suit to the rainwater tank.  Contact Josh on 0427 477 559 for your rainwater tank requirements. ... read more

Bathroom Plumbing Renovation Inverell NSW

21st September 2021
Josh attended to the plumbing works for another Bathroom/Laundry renovation in Inverell. The existing hot water service was relocated to an external location to allow more room/space in the new Bathroom/Laundry.  Contact Josh on 0427 477 559 for your plumbing needs. ... read more

Hairdresser Commerical Plumbing Inverell

7th September 2021
Josh installed the plumbing & connected 2 x Hairdresser Wash Basins & Chairs at Locks by Liv Hairdressing Salon located at the rear of the Union Bar in Inverell. Contact Josh on 0427 477 559 if you require assistance with your plumbing needs. ... read more

Inverell Skylights - Solatube Daylighting System

10th August 2021
Josh installed 2 Solatube Daylighting System Skylights in the Lounge Room & Kitchen at a residence in Inverell. The Owners are now delighted with the amount of light entering these rooms and that they no longer need to turn on the interior lighting. If you need additional light, without turnin ... read more

Waterlogic Countertop Unit Inverell

2nd August 2021
Josh replaced/upgraded the self-fill Water Cooler & Tobin boiling water unit at Lawrence & Hanson (L&H) with a new Waterlogic L2 HC Mini Countertop Unit on the Kitchen bench area, that provides both hot & cold filtered water. Contact Josh on 0427 477 559 for options available. ... read more

Hot Water System Replacements Inverell

14th July 2021
Winter has resulted in replacing hot water services.  Here a couple of examples.  A 315ltr hot water service was replaced at Elsmore. This hot water service was installed on a stand in the Laundry.  Josh installed new gas lines for the installation of an instantaneous LPG hot water ... read more

Bathroom Laundry Renovation Mt Russell

6th July 2021
Josh completed the plumbing & drainage work for a Bathroom with separate Toilet and a Laundry renovation at Mt Russell NSW. If you are considering/requiring a Bathroom or Laundry renovation, call Josh on 0427 477 559 to discuss your plumbing & drainage options. ... read more

Water Filtration System Replacement Inverell

2nd July 2021
Josh replaced the water filters in a whole of house water filtration system.  If you find your water has a different taste, it may be time to install a water filter or just replace the filters in your water filtration system.  Contact Josh on 0427 477 559 for assistance. ... read more

Bathroom Renovation Inverell

22nd June 2021
Josh completed the plumbing & drainage work for a bathroom renovation in Inverell. If you are considering/requiring a bathroom renovation, call Josh on 0427 477 559 to discuss your options. ... read more

Old Septic Replacement

16th June 2021
Josh was called to replace a very old septic system on a property in Mt Russell.  The system was originally installed using old tyres. Following a Section 68 approval from Inverell Shire Council, a new Reln Septic Tank Absorption Rubble Drain Sewerage Waste Water Drainage system was installe ... read more

Wood Heater Installer

25th May 2021
With the cooler weather upon us, Josh has been busy installing Wood Heaters. We are the nominated Technician in Inverell for Scandia/Fiddit Gas & Wood Heaters through Bunnings. If you are considering your updating your heating options, please contact Josh on 0427 477 559 to discuss further. ... read more

Gasfitting Work

8th April 2021
Josh installed a new gas cooktop and converted it to LPG, with commissioning & gas testing of new LPG cooktop, prior to use, at a property in Tingha. The existing gas oven was disconnected and removed from the Kitchen cupboard.   The Owner is replacing the gas oven with an electric oven. For an ... read more

Pressure Pump Installation

6th April 2021
Josh installed a new Pressure Pump with an isolation valve at the rainwater tank and 1 x hose tap, at a property on the outskirts of Inverell. For your pressure pump needs, please contact Josh on 0427 477 559. ... read more

Inverell Wood Heater Installation

1st April 2021
Now the cooler season is coming up… calls for the installation of Wood Heaters is occurring. A Scandia Stylist’6 wood heater was installed in a residence in Inverell. If you require a Wood Heater to be installed contact Josh on 0427 477 559. ... read more

LPG Gas Heater Service

22nd March 2021
Josh serviced a freestanding LPG gas heater, prior to the winter start-up.  The servicing involved:– The removal of build-up of dust in the heater. Gas & pressure testing, ambient CO2 & flue testing of appliance – this heater passed all test results and is safe to use. When was the last ... read more

Livestock Watering System

9th March 2021
A Livestock Watering System was installed at a farm in Wallangra, involving the following:- Excavate trenches for installation of poly pipework & fittings connecting to rainwater tank for livestock watering system. Install new Clarke 48,000ltr rainwater tank and poly/PVC pipework & fittings for ... read more

Carpark Water Leak

4th March 2021
Josh was called to Pet World Inverell to repair a water leak/blockage in the rear carpark at the entry from Captain Cook Drive. The blockage was identified in the carpark area, between the broken drain point to just outside boundary (initially fenced off with orange barricade fencing). A tempora ... read more

White Ants Do Eat Poly Pipe

16th February 2021
Whilst working on a farm recently, Josh came across the source of a water leak in a paddock.    White ants had eaten through the poly pipework!  They must have had an appetite for poly. ... read more

Residential Water Leaks Inverell

5th February 2021
January & February 2021 has resulted in many water leaks occurring within residential properties.  Most of the water leaks were caused by corrosion/rusted/split galvanised pipework. If you find a water leak around your home, contact Josh on 0427 477 559. ... read more

Leaf Stopper Gutter Protection in Inverell

20th January 2021
Josh installed ‘Leaf Stopper Gutter Protection’ to a Duplex in Inverell.   The Owner required prevention to stop the sparrows entering the roof cavity and causing constant noise disturbance. The ‘Leaf Stopper Gutter Protection’ provides gutters & valley/s protection against leaves & pest ... read more

Septic Replacement Mt Russell

14th January 2021
Replacement of Onsite Septic System & Rubble Drain Absorption Trench at Mt Russell Josh installed a new Onsite Septic system with a 40 mtr rubble drain absorption trench, to meet Council’s Section 68 requirements, due to sale of this property. ... read more

Water Leak at TAFE Inverell

12th January 2021
TAFE Inverell identified a water leak around the Ag Plot building.    Josh had to replace the water line around the Ag Plot building at TAFE Inverell. An Earthworks contractor took control of the excavation works required. Before works commenced:- Dial before you Dig was contacted and it w ... read more

Anti-Vandal Proof Hose Tap Inverell

12th January 2021
Josh attended the Local Land Services building at 8 Evans Street to repair a water leak, caused by potential vandalism. Damage had occurred to the external hose tap resulting in the copper pipe leaking through and behind the brick wall. Internal access to the building was required to repair the ... read more

Commercial Plumbing - Pet World Inverell

9th November 2020
Plumbing works for Pet World’s Inverell shop new location at Tenancy B (rear Service NSW) 240 Byron Street Inverell. Josh installed the plumbing, to meet a tight deadline for the relocation, and the job involved :- Providing new inground sewer drainage services in accordance with the Architect ... read more

Kitchen Renovation Inverell

6th November 2020
Josh installed the plumbing & gasfitting for a new kitchen renovation in Inverell. The owner relocated the Kitchen to a different room in the house. The job involved:- Re-supplying the cold water line from pressurize pump system under the house. Supply & install new LPG gas system for the ins ... read more

Puretec whole of house dual water filtration system

4th November 2020
Josh installed another Puretec whole of house dual water filtration system at the pressure pump of a residential dwelling in Inverell. The Puretec EM2 Series filtration systems are the appropriate choice for providing safe, clean, healthy water throughout the home or the office. They provide maxim ... read more

Shower Leaks Inverell

25th October 2020
Leaks in a shower and a bath breech were repaired.   A section of the wall had to be removed to gain access to the leaking breech pieces for the repairs to take place. Contact Josh on 0427 477 559 for your plumbing needs. ... read more

Commercial Hot Water System Inverell

20th October 2020
The Tin Cheung Chinese Restaurant in Inverell required a new hot water service for their Restaurant’s Kitchen and the Ladies & Mens toilets. ... read more

Cafe Fitout Inverell

13th October 2020
Plumbing for Shop / Café’s new location in Otho Street Inverell. Josh installed the plumbing and the job entailed :- Installation of plumbing pipework & fittings for the cold water supply from existing plumbing connections on Level 1 to supply proposed new commercial Kitchen / Café on the gr ... read more

New FujiClean Waste Water Septic System

7th October 2020
Josh installed another FujiClean Onsite Waste Water Septic System at Oakwood NSW to meet Inverell Shire Council’s requirement as per Section 68 approval. This system has a 9mtr head pump out for a wobbler sprinkler system & was connected onto an existing sewer/drainage line. A new sewer draina ... read more

Septic and Rubble Drain Graman

20th August 2020
Josh installed a new 40 mtr onsite Septic System/Rubble Drain Absorption Trench & Taylex concrete septic tank on a farm at Graman, to meet Section 68 requirements by Inverell Shire Council. This job also included the plumbing fit-out in new Ensuite bathroom and underfloor sewer drainage lines for n ... read more

Residential Stormwater Drainage System

17th August 2020
PVC stormwater drainage system was installed underfloor of a dwelling to new downpipes at rear and connecting into existing earthenware line draining to street level. ... read more

Water Unit Filter Replacement

13th August 2020
In July/August 2020 we have been attending to our Contract Work for the replacement of water filters on Water Cooler Units / Zip Units / Billi Units at various businesses around Inverell. ... read more

Water Supply from Rainwater Tank

11th August 2020
DN25mm poly pipework & fittings were installed for cold water supply from a rainwater tank to a dwelling. The cold water supply from the rainwater tank was connected to a new DAB pump with a water filtration system. The poly pipework ran from under the floor of dwelling onto an external wall & int ... read more

Winter Drain Blockages

6th August 2020
Winter 2020 has seen an increase in Kitchen/Toilet/Sewer drain blockages. In some instances, new poly/PVC drainage pipework was installed to replace the existing old galvanised line, due to the extent of the blockages in old galvanised pipes. ... read more

Fibreglass Pool Leak

4th August 2020
Josh had to source the leak from a fibreglass swimming pool in Inverell. After investigations the leaks were originating from around the skimmer box of the pool resulting in :- Removing tiles from a section around the pool, cutting concrete, jackhammer & hand digging to expose the skimmer box ho ... read more

Hot Water System Replacements Winter

22nd July 2020
Winter has taken a toll on some hot water services, requiring either replacement of relief valves or new installations. ... read more

Roof Cavity Hot Water System

16th July 2020
Josh had to decommission an old rusted/leaking 15ltr hot water service in the roof cavity of a home, for the hot water supply to the Kitchen. A new under bench 15ltr hot water service was installed in a Kitchen cupboard. ... read more

Water Leak Under Concrete Slab in Inverell

9th July 2020
Josh was called to a water leak under a concrete slab at a property in Inverell. The work involved cutting a section of the concrete slab to expose the leaking water pipe for replacement. Upon completion of works Josh also replaced the section of concrete slab. ... read more

Pressure Pump Inverell Farm

7th July 2020
Josh replaced a pressure pump at a farm on the outskirts of Inverell NSW. ... read more

Replaced Rusted guttering Inverell

6th July 2020
Josh had to replace a length of rusted guttering on a property in Inverell. ... read more

Dishwasher Install Inverell

2nd July 2020
Josh installed a new dishwasher which also involved customising the kitchen cupboard to suit the size of the dishwasher, prior to installation. ... read more

New Dishwasher Install Inverell

19th June 2020
Josh installed a new dishwasher.  The job also involved cutting & removal of a section of kitchen cupboard to enable the dishwasher to fit in the required location. ... read more

New Pressure Pump Tingha

16th June 2020
Josh installed a new pressure pump & poly pipe and fittings in Tingha NSW. ... read more

TAFE Thermostatic Mixing Valves 2020

11th June 2020
June 2020 has been a month of annual 12 month servicing of Thermostatic Mixing Valves (TMV’s) at TAFE Inverell & Glen Innes campuses & Service NSW Inverell branch. ... read more

TAFE Backflow Prevention Devices 2020

10th June 2020
June 2020 has been a month of annual 12 month servicing of Backflow Prevention Devices at TAFE Inverell, Glen Innes & Tenterfield campuses. ... read more

Water Main Pipework Leaking Inverell

4th June 2020
A water leak was found in the backyard of a residence in Inverell. Following investigations rusted galvanised metal water main pipework was found. Josh replaced with new DN25mm poly water main line from the water meter to underfloor connections of dwelling. ... read more

Delungra Post Office Job

2nd June 2020
Josh replaced damaged barge capping, flashing & guttering at Delungra Post Office. ... read more

Overflowing Stormwater Downpipes

13th May 2020
Josh was called to blocked/overflowing downpipes in a residence in Inverell. Following investigations and hand digging of areas around the property it was identified that large amounts of tree roots were blocking the stormwater drainage line and were unable to be removed by the electric eel. Lar ... read more

Downpipes Replaced

8th May 2020
Josh recently replaced two stormwater downpipes at front entry stairs of a dwelling in Inverell.  ... read more

New Wood Fire Heaters for Winter

6th May 2020
With the change of season, there have been many enquiries for the installation of wood heaters. A Scandia Warmbrite wood heater from Bunnings was installed in Emmaville. A Coonara wood heater was installed in Delungra, during renovations. We are the nominated Installer and Service Agent for S ... read more

Leaking Hot Water System

29th April 2020
Josh replaced a leaking 400ltr hot water service under the floor of a dwelling. ... read more

Leaking Gas Cooktop

20th April 2020
Josh replaced a faulty/leaking LPG gas cooktop in a rental property. ... read more

New Stormwater System for Rental Property

23rd March 2020
Josh installed a new stormwater system to a dwelling & shed at a rental property in Inverell. The new stormwater system was required to exit at street level to meet Inverell Council’s requirements. ... read more

Commercial Septic Tank

12th March 2020
Josh was called to Sapphire City Steel & Pipe/Engineering in Inverell to fix a problem with the septic tank. The septic tank was overflowing, the pump outlet pipe was broken & the septic system required a pump-out to identify any other faults. Following pump-out of septic tank by another Contrac ... read more

Feed Line Fix Results in Best Water Pressure

6th March 2020
A water leak appeared under the front verandah at a property in Inverell. The job involved: Replacing the rusted galvanised water supply feed line with DN25mm poly pipework & fittings underground, from Council’s water meter at front of property & connecting onto existing copper pipework under ... read more

Water Leak at Rental Property

20th February 2020
Josh was called to a water leak on a rental property in Inverell, which had resulted in movement to a brick wall foundations & front verandah concrete slab of a dwelling. It was identified the earthenware stormwater drain was cracked/broken and leaking. Upon removal of existing metal downpipe & ... read more

Pool Leak

12th February 2020
Josh has recently been spending quite some time searching for the source in a leaking inground pool. After removing the tiles, cutting concrete & jackhammering & hand digging sections from around the pool area many leaks were identified. The leaks were originating from the skimmer box, the suction ... read more

Deep Well Submersible Pump

25th January 2020
Josh recently installed a deep well submersible pump with single phase M18.D automatic pump control device on a bore at a farm in Graman for stock use. If you require any pumps to be installed, please contact Josh on 0427 477 559. ... read more

Roof Leak Fixed in Inverell

23rd January 2020
Josh attended a roof leak at the Royal Hotel’s Bottlemart outlet.   The job involved clearing the box guttering of leaves/debris & waterproofing the joints in the box guttering. Also the vent cowl on existing vent pipe had to be replaced. ... read more

Apricus Solar Glass Tube Replacement

16th January 2020
With the recent hail storms, Josh had to replace some glass tubes on a couple of Apricus Solar  Hot Water Services. Give Josh a call on 0427 477 559 if you require assistance with your Apricus solar hot water system. ... read more

Grey Water Update

16th December 2019
Josh changed the sewer drainage lines under the floor of a residence at Little Plain. The Owner requested: the 2 x toilet suites & kitchen sewer drainage lines be connected to the existing septic tank; and the Laundry, Main Bathroom & Ensuite grey water be connected to grey water hoses for wate ... read more

Rainwater Tanks Inverell

14th December 2019
With the introduction of Water Conservation measures in some locations, we are now receiving requests for the Installation of Rainwater tanks. Josh has recently installed new rainwater tanks with rainwater catchment systems connected to the rainwater tank. Contact us today to discuss your water ne ... read more

Water Leak Repair Inverell

13th December 2019
Sapphire City Steel & Pipe in Inverell had a water leak near the water meter. To repair the leak Josh had to:- Hand dig area to chase the water leak & expose pipework. Install new 25mm poly line with isolation valve, along the purlins, from the fire hose reel in sheet metal shed and reconnectin ... read more

Water Filtration Unit Replacement

13th December 2019
Josh replaced/upgraded the Water Filtration Unit at Brumby’s Bakery in Inverell. Before photo is the large blue/green unit, our replacement is the neat black unit. ... read more

Septic Rubble Drain

10th December 2019
Josh installed a new PVC septic tank outlet drainage line & 20mtr Reln septic rubble drain, connecting to the existing onsite sewerage management system, at Inverell Golf Club. The existing septic system contained a large mass/amount of tree roots and required replacing. ... read more

Relocate LPG gas bottles

19th November 2019
Josh relocated the existing LPG gas bottles from the rear of Lets Meat @ Inverell Butcher shop to the side lane area of the shop. The new business owner was concerned with potential vandalism if the LPG gas bottles were left in the existing open location behind the shop. The existing downpipe wa ... read more

Rusted cold water pipework

28th October 2019
Josh attended to a water leak at a property in Inverell. Upon investigation, the source of the water leak was coming from a rusted section of galvanised pipework for the cold water supply to the residence. Josh replaced it with copper pipe & fittings and insulated the pipework to avoid the pipe ... read more

Hot Water System Replacement Warialda

25th October 2019
Josh replaced a 50ltr electric hot water service for NSW Fire & Rescue at Warialda Fire Station. The works included:- Decommission & remove existing 50ltr Dux hot water service. Installation of a new 50ltr Thermann hot water service with a new tempering valve, in existing internal location and ... read more

Stormwater Drainage System in Inverell

22nd October 2019
Josh installed a new stormwater drainage system, connecting to street level, at a property in Inverell. Replacing piping from the gutter to take all rainwater away from the clients house. ... read more

Rental Property Plumbing Upgrades

14th October 2019
Josh replaced an existing earthenware main sewer drainage line with PVC pipework, at a rental property in Inverell. The job also included:- replacing a toilet suite in the rear toilet area. replacing drainage lines for rear toilet, laundry & kitchen with new PVC pipework. Repairing a leaking g ... read more

Blocked Water Pipe at Commercial Property

24th September 2019
Josh attended to a blocked/leaking water pipe in the driveway entry of Inverell Vinnies Store. He identified a water pipe leaking in the external garden area which was tracking under the concrete driveway.  This required cutting of a section of the concrete slab to access & repair the water leak. ... read more

Rental Property in Inverell with No Water Pressure

20th September 2019
Josh attended a rental property in Inverell with no water pressure. He identified & removed rust particles within bath & vanity spouts, vanity flexible hose & toilet inlet filters, causing blockages. It was recommended to the Owner that the existing rusty galvanized pipework be replaced throughou ... read more

Inbuilt LPG Gas Heater Inverell

13th September 2019
Josh undertook the gasfitting works for the installation of a new inbuilt LPG gas heater into a new location on the ground floor of a 2 storey home. The works included:- the upgrade & compliance of the existing gas line to accommodate the new LPG gas heater; installation & extension of a new ga ... read more

Leak Repair Kitchen Drain

12th September 2019
Josh attended to a leaking galvanised pipe for the Kitchen drain at an Inverell property. He replaced a rusted section of galvanised pipework under the Kitchen sink and the drain pipework outside the Kitchen area with poly/PVC pipework. ... read more

Bathroom Renovation Plumbing In Inverell

4th September 2019
Josh completed the plumbing & drainage work for another bathroom renovation in Inverell. For all your Inverell Plumbing needs please call Josh on 0427 477 559. ... read more

Rain Water Tank Upgrade Inverell

27th August 2019
Josh replaced a rusted galvanised gravity fed rainwater tank with a poly low line gravity fed rainwater tank, at a property in Inverell. ... read more

FujiClean Septic system

19th August 2019
Josh installed another FujiClean Environmental Waste Water Management Septic system in Inverell, to meet Inverell Shire Council’s requirements. ... read more

Rain Water Tanks Inverell

8th August 2019
Josh installed 2 x water inlet connections to 1 existing 72k/ltr galvanised/steel water tank, for town water supply & bore water feeds, at IRLX Inverell Saleyards. The project also involved installation of:- DN 50mm galvanised tank inlet risers with gate isolation valves; and Rain aide valves f ... read more

Instantaneous LPG Gas Hot Water Service

1st August 2019
Josh replaced a 315ltr heat pump hot water system with a Thermann 20ltr instantaneous LPG Gas Hot water service, in the IRLX Inverell Saleyards Office area. ... read more

Tree root damage

24th July 2019
Josh had to replace a broken toilet, sewer drainage line, & toilet suite, due to recurring issues with tree roots. ... read more

Zip Boiling Water Units

17th July 2019
7 new Zip Boiling Water Units were installed in various locations throughout TAFE Inverell campus. ... read more

Backflow Devices at TAFE Tenterfield and Glen Innes.

10th July 2019
Josh undertook the annual servicing of the Backflow Devices at TAFE Tenterfield & Glen Innes. ... read more

Cooinda Retirement Village Inverell - Unit 2 Renovations

12th June 2019
Josh attended to the new plumbing & drainage works for the renovation of Unit 2.   The works involved:- Jack-hammering & cutting of the concrete slab to re-direct plumbing drainage for Kitchen & Bathroom. Sewer drainage works undertaken & connected to existing main sewer drainage line for new ... read more

Bathroom Renovation Warialda NSW

11th June 2019
Josh completed the plumbing & drainage work for another bathroom renovation in Warialda. The works included jackhammering, cutting & re-concreting of the concrete floor slab for the relocation of the vanity basin & new bath drains. For all your Warialda Plumbing needs please call Josh. Contact Us ... read more

New Reln Septic Rubble Drain System

6th June 2019
Josh installed 2 x new 20mtr Reln Septic Rubble Drain system, connecting from concrete septic tank to the shed and a spur to house. The works were undertaken on a rural property on the outskirts of Inverell, to meet Inverell Shire Council’s requirements. If you need assistance with a septic rubb ... read more

Water Leak at Royal Hotel Motel Inverell

6th June 2019
Josh had to locate the source of a water leak in a double brick wall and repair the leaking water pipes in one of the Motel Units, at the Royal Hotel Motel Inverell. ... read more

Nullamanna NSW Plumbing Jobs

4th June 2019
Leaking/Faulty Pressure Pumps/Vessels, Repairs to Stock Water Trough & Sewer Blockages at a rural property in Nullamanna NSW. Josh installed:- 1 x new pressure pump vessel with stand on a slab and the pipework & fittings, in the Shed. 1 x new pressure pump with pressure control  & fittings on ... read more

Mt Russell Plumbing

2nd May 2019
Josh attended to the plumbing & gasfitting works for a new Westbuilt home on a farm at Mt Russell.  ... read more

Farm Solar Pump Inverell

19th March 2019
Josh installed a new solar pump & panel on a farm to pump the water from the river to a header storage tank for water supply to the livestock watering system. No other water supply is available in this paddock for this purpose. The farmer had a single solar panel only and changed it over to two so ... read more

Rental Property Plumbing Inverell

11th March 2019
Josh was called to a Burst Water Main at Rental Property in Inverell.   A section of the existing galvanised water pipe had rusted, due to age, causing the pipe to burst and required replacement. If you need a qualified, experienced plumber for your investment property please call Josh. Contact ... read more

LPG Installation Bundarra

1st March 2019
Josh installed a new LPG system under the floor of residence & in the Kitchen for a new freestanding LPG Gas/Electric Cooker at Bundarra.  The Owner is in the process of renovating the Kitchen. ... read more

New Earthsafe Septic System Installation Inverell

27th February 2019
Josh had to install the PVC sewer drainage pipework for another new Earthsafe Septic System in Inverell. Once again Josh was working with other tradies to get the work done. ... read more

Inverell Saleyards Burst Water Pipe

19th February 2019
Josh had an emergency call-out after hours at Inverell Saleyards to repair a burst 40mm poly water pipe line & a section of the DN80 water main line. Works were undertaken after hours so there was no interruption to services. ... read more

Blockage in Main Sewer Drainage Line

18th February 2019
A section of the main sewer drainage line was blocked by tree roots.  Works involved excavating the site to remove & replace the blocked section of pipework in the main sewer drainage line. ... read more

Rusted Downpipes

15th February 2019
Josh replaced 2 x rusted downpipes with 2 x new PVC downpipes, connecting into the existing stormwater drainage line. ... read more

New Septic System at Gilgai

8th February 2019
Josh installed the PVC sewer drainage pipework for a new Earthsafe Environmental Septic System at a Gilgai property.  The project involved working with many Tradies for the new installation. ... read more

Leaking Gate Valve

7th February 2019
Josh repaired a leaking 50mm gate valve on an irrigation line & installed a new irrigation control box, in the playground at Ross Hill Public School. ... read more

Noisy Taps and Pipework

29th January 2019
This client had noisy taps & pipework in the bathroom wall.  Replacing the tap washers & servicing the taps in shower recess fixed the problem. ... read more

Pre-Rinse Hose & Spray Unit

16th January 2019
Josh had to replace a faulty 3Monkeez Pre-Rinse Hose & Spray Head Unit in the Kitchen at the Australia Hotel in Inverell NSW. ... read more

Wood Heater Installation Inverell

16th January 2019
Josh had to remove a wood heater whilst renovations are ongoing.  This involved replacing a section of the iron roof sheeting as well. Once the renovations have been completed the existing wood heater will be re-installed in a new location within the residence. ... read more

Cooinda Shower Recess Leak

15th January 2019
Cooinda Retirement Village Inverell Josh had to trace the source and repair the leaking pipe in the double brick wall of a shower recess. The job also included rendering, waterproofing & tiling of the affected area. ... read more

Fire Safety System Upgrades

15th January 2019
Josh upgraded the fire safety system (Fire Extinguishers, Fire Blankets & Signage), in the Motel, Flat, Kitchen & Outer area at the Royal Hotel Motel, Inverell NSW. To meet with Inverell Shire Council’s & Fire & Rescue NSW (Fire Safety Compliance Unit) fire regulations/requirements. ... read more

Absorption Trench for Above Ground Pool

10th January 2019
Josh had to install an absorption drainage trench for a new above ground pool to meet Inverell Shire Council's requirements. ... read more

New rainwater tank at Tingha

10th January 2019
Josh installed a new rainwater tank at a Tingha property. ... read more

Leaking Toilet Suites

10th January 2019
This project involved replacing 2 x Leaking Toilet Suites & Associated Drainage Josh identified the earthenware & cast iron pipework was cracked below the concrete slab and leaking under the floor of a rental property and the metal vent pipe was also broken. Works included the replacement of the ... read more

New LPG Gas Hot Water Service

14th December 2018
Josh installed a new LPG Gas Hot Water Service at a property on Copeton Dam Road, Inverell NSW. ... read more

Pool and BBQ Area Plumbing

7th December 2018
This project involved the:- Installation of the stormwater drainage system & an external hose tap for a new in-ground pool to meet Inverell Shire Council's requirements. Also installed was the sewer drainage for new external toilet, shower, vanity basin & kitchen sinks in preparation of the new ... read more

Burst Poly Pipes

23rd November 2018
Josh had to repair leaking poly pipe/fittings in a bore pressure pump discharge/outlet line. Also installed a new pressure switch for the bore pressure pump at a rural property. ... read more

Inverell Saleyards Redevelopment

22nd November 2018
IRLX have been successful in receiving a Federal Government’s Building Better Regions Fund – Infrastructure Projects Stream Grant to upgrade and redevelopment of  the Inverell Saleyards. Josh installed the potable water supply to the Coates Temporary Site Buildings at IRLX Saleyards in Inverel ... read more

Cooinda burst water main

13th November 2018
Josh had to replace a section of a burst water main for the main water supply feed line at Cooinda Retirement Village. It involved cutting a section of concrete pavement in the Gopher Charging Bay to access the burst water main pipe & re-concrete the same section of concrete pavement. ... read more

Inverell new hand basin installation

24th October 2018
Josh installed a new hand basin in an external toilet at an Inverell home. ... read more

Repair burst water main supply

23rd October 2018
Josh repaired a burst water main supply at an Inverell property. ... read more

Subdivision Mains Water Installation

22nd October 2018
Installation of the water main supply for a new subdivision in Runnymede Heights. ... read more

Moree Hospital Plumbing

22nd October 2018
Josh attended Moree District Hospital’s new Renal Dialysis Unit to commission & test the new TMV’s (Thermostatic Mixing Valves) and the Backflow Prevention Devices prior to the opening of the Unit. ... read more

Leaking Tap at Inverell High

17th October 2018
Josh attended Inverell Public School to fix a leaking tap in the Boys Toilet.  Upon inspection he identified copper pipework was leaking in the double brick wall behind the tap.  The job entailed:- jack-hammering some of the brickwork to enable welding of copper pipe inside the wall cavity; c ... read more

Laundry / Toilet Renovation - Inverell

4th October 2018
Josh carried out all the works for this Laundry / Toilet renovation i.e. waterproofing, laying tiles, installing plumbing, toilet and vanity unit. The next part of this Laundry renovation will be a shower recess in the Laundry and finally the Laundry fit-out. ... read more

Whirlybird Roof Ventilators

28th September 2018
The client required the installation of 2 x roof ventilators/whirlybirds on a shed. ... read more

Kitchen Rangehood - External Vent

28th September 2018
Josh installed an external vent for a Kitchen rangehood in a domestic setting.  Ducting of the Kitchen rangehood ensures that all kitchen pollutants are removed from your home and there are various kits designed to be used with rangehoods. Without external ventilation, a build-up of fats, oils an ... read more

New Home Plumbing Elsmore

26th September 2018
Plumbing connection for a new home at Elsmore ... read more

Small Laundry Renovation

25th September 2018
Josh had to change the plumbing in the Laundry to accommodate the new appliances.  The client changed from a twin tub washing machine to a top loading washing machine & replaced the concrete double bowl laundry sink with a freestanding single stainless steel bowl and cabinet. ... read more

Inverell Bathroom Reno Sept 2018

7th September 2018
Bathroom Renos are popular at the moment. Here is one we completed recently in Inverell. We completed the plumbing & drainage. ... read more

Bathroom Renovation Warialda Sept 2018

7th September 2018
Another bathroom reno completed in Warialda. We completed the plumbing & drainage. ... read more

Septic System with Rubble Drain

27th August 2018
A new 60mtr rubble drain septic system was installed on a rural property, to meet Council requirements. ... read more

Bathroom Renovation Warialda

24th August 2018
We have commenced the plumbing rough-in for bathroom renos in Warialda. As work progresses we will be required to re-attend to do the final fit-off of the plumbing works. ... read more

Bathroom Reno Aug 2018

23rd August 2018

Scandia Wood Heater Installation Inverell

22nd August 2018
Scandia Edge 70 Freestanding Wood Heater ... read more

Whirlybird Installation Inverell

17th July 2018
Whirlybird/Roof Turbine Ventilator on residential dwelling – replaced due to age & noise emanating when in use. ... read more

TAFE Inverell Admin Block Kitchenette

17th July 2018
TAFE Inverell Admin Block Kitchenette – Zip Water Filter – replaced broken/cracked water filter housing & a new water filter. ... read more

Stormwater Pipe Repair Inverell

17th July 2018
Inverell Public School – replacement of cracked/broken external PVC stormwater pipe & connecting into existing stormwater drainage line.    Stormwater drainage line was also blocked with tree roots, leaf matter & dirt requiring clearing with sewer machine. ... read more

Burst Pipe Repair Inverell

16th July 2018
Roof Leak Repair – burst pipe fitting in roof cavity of residential dwelling, causing leak into Kitchen area. ... read more

Water Filter Installation Inverell

15th July 2018
Water Filter installation at Pressure Pump outlet supplying residential dwelling ... read more

Inverell Renovation Waterproofing

13th July 2018
Laundry reno – Waterproofing in laundry area for the inclusion of an additional shower/toilet. ... read more

Bingara Laundromat Installation

14th June 2018
Josh recently completed a large commercial job for Bingara Laundromat. It involved the installation of 2 x LPG gas commercial dryer flues & connecting the dryer flues to 2 x LPG gas dryer appliances at the Bingara Laundromat. Commissioning & gas testing/compliance of new LPG gas appliances connec ... read more

Inverell Main Water Line Leak

14th June 2018
The main water line/service was leaking/broken under the concrete slab around the building at Inverell High School It required another external contractor (pipe locating service) to undertake a radio detection/location of the exact point of the water leak under the concrete slab, due to electrical ... read more

Sewer Blockages, Sewer Choke

27th April 2018
One of our more regular jobs is to address issues related to sewer blockages. The usual causes of main sewer drainage line blockages are: Non-disposable wipes Disposable nappies Sanitary items Tree roots / leaves & dirt Broken / dislodged earthenware pipes Food scraps, cooking oil/grease co ... read more

Wood Heater Installations

26th April 2018
We are wood fire installers for Inverell and the region. We are the nominated Installer and Service Agent for Scandia/Fiddit Gas & Wood Heaters through Bunnings.   Josh McCosker Plumbing will provide a Certificate of Compliance, for your Home Building & Contents insurance purposes, with all new W ... read more

Damaged Flashing Replacement

25th April 2018
Replacement of damaged flashing on Hot Water System at TAFE Inverell ... read more

Pipe Blockages

23rd April 2018
We can solve your plumbing issues wherever they might be. Here is a recent pipe blockage we fixed, see the original below. Contact Us today for all your plumbing needs. ... read more

We Fix Leaks

19th April 2018
We are regularly called to fix leaks. shower screen garden taps toilets hot water systems burst water mains etc We service Inverell and the region, Ashford, Bundarra, Gilgai, Inverell, Tingha, Warialda. Contact Us today ... read more

Real Pet Food Co Hand Wash Stations and TMVs

22nd March 2018
New Hand Wash Stations & TMVs (Thermostatic Mixing Valves) were installed at Real Pet Food Co factory in Inverell. 1 x Packing Hall 1 x Raw Materials Shed 1 x Mill  ... read more

Annual Servicing TAFE Inverell Campus

21st March 2018
Annual Servicing of LPG Gas Heaters & Hot Water Systems (HWS) at TAFE Inverell campus, prior to the cooler weather arriving   ... read more

Leaking Water Main

20th March 2018
Before shot above. After shots below. ... read more

Commercial Gas Hot Water System

28th February 2018
We recently replaced the hot water system at the Tingha Gems Caravan Park with a commercial Gas HWS set-up. ... read more

White Rock Wind Farm Substation

21st February 2018
Tap replacement at White Rock Wind Farm substation site. ... read more

Repairs to Water Main at TAFE Inverell

20th February 2018

TAFE TMV Annual Service

13th February 2018
Thermostatic Mixing Valve ... read more

Plumbing for Home Extensions

1st February 2018

New Pressure Pumps in New England Public Schools

26th January 2018
New Pressure Pump installations & general commercial plumbing maintenance work for O’Donnell & Hanlon at Public Schools sites across New England area. ... read more

Replacement Hot Water Services Inverell

22nd January 2018
January has been a month of hot water service replacements, check out a few below. ... read more

Thermostatic Mixing Valve TAFE Inverell

20th December 2017
Thermostatic Mixing Valve installed in the Disabled Toilet at TAFE Inverell. ... read more

Septic Rubble Drain Oakwood

14th December 2017
New Septic Rubble Drain installed at an Oakwood property. ... read more

Bathroom Leak Repair

9th November 2017
Bathroom/Shower recess renovation, due to the plumbing leaking in the wall. Josh did the shower recess plumbing & tiling work. ... read more

Stormwater Pit

8th November 2017
Installed in the basement of a house. ... read more

Bathroom Reno Nov 2017

1st November 2017

Bathroom Reno Oct 2017

30th October 2017

Shower Leak Repair

27th October 2017
Shower Leak.  Repairs had to be made from inside cupboard behind shower recess. ... read more

Replacement of Box Guttering at TAFE Inverell Library

22nd September 2017
The fault had caused a leak into interior of Library building. ... read more

Kitchen Reno Unit Aug 2017

24th August 2017

FujiClean Waste Water Management System installation in Inverell

21st August 2017
FujiClean Waste Water Management System installation in Inverell. ... read more

TAFE Inverell Backflow Prevention Device Installation

21st June 2017
A backflow prevention device prevents the reverse water flow from a potentially polluted source into the drinking water supply system. Backflow prevention devices are installed in compliance with the National Plumbing Standard AS/NZS 3500.1. ... read more

White Rock Wind Farm

16th May 2017
Installation of roof flashings, guttering and downpipes on Demountable building (11mtr long x 4mtr high x 1.8mtr suspended above ground) and amenities plumbing for sub-station at White Rock Wind Farm ... read more

Service NSW Disabled Toilet Kitchenette

16th May 2017
Provision of new inground plumbing services (includes cutting & jackhammering of concrete floor) for 2 x tenancies with a new kitchenette & bathroom/toilet area in Service NSW. Service NSW - Bathroom/Toilet - installation of disabled toilet & hand basin and installation of thermostatic mixing valve ... read more

Service NSW Carpark Entry

16th May 2017
Installation of concrete drainage pit with pit drainage to street level at carpark entry. ... read more

Commercial Mine Site Septic System

16th May 2017