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Preventative Maintenance

Rain Water Harvesting System

3rd December 2020
Consider the installation of rainwater tank/s for collection of rainwater for use in the garden/lawns/car washing or elsewhere around your home.   There are plenty of beneficial benefits to installing a rainwater tank and offers greater water security in times of water restrictions.  This may ... read more

Gas Services

3rd December 2020
Josh McCosker Plumbing is a fully licensed gasfitter and is able to install and certify your new LPG gas pipework.    Are you are concerned you may have a gas leak somewhere? We can locate and repair gas leaks and prevent a major crisis!  There are some measures you can take while you wait ... read more

Water Filter Installation

2nd December 2020
Do you want clean, refreshing & purified filtered water streaming from your taps? Water filters not only provide superior tasting water to standard tap water…. they are also a more cost effective long-term option to purchasing bottled water. There are a range of options available from: ... read more

Sewer Drainage Line blockages

2nd December 2020
These have been a common occurrence lately in Inverell.  Read our The Three P’s article to what can happen when you flush what you shouldn’t. Check any external pipework/taps/yard drains that surround your home, for wear & tear, corrosion, rust or any unexpected pools of water in your yard ... read more

Storm Proofing your Home/ Bush Fire Prevention

1st December 2020
With the storm & bushfire season upon us, it’s time to check your gutters/roof for any potential fire risks and reduce the impact of embers/storm damage to your home. Consider the following prevention measures:- Installation of metal gutter guards to prevent leaves, gum nuts & debris from ente ... read more

Check for Leaking Household Taps, Pipes & Toilet Leaks

2nd September 2019
Fix problems quickly. Even small leaks can make pipes corrode more quickly and cause significant water damage or mould and mildew growth and will increase your water usage on your next water rates account. Check under the Kitchen sink, your Vanity basin/s and Laundry sink for any leaks… water p ... read more

Check your Appliances

2nd September 2019
Do you have any gas appliances/BBQ? When was the last time the hoses on your gas appliances or BBQ were checked? Check your dishwasher, washing machine, or water filter system water supply hoses are not frayed, bulging or corroding.  This could result in litres of water flooding your house.   D ... read more

Check your Septic System

2nd September 2019
When was the last time you serviced your septic system? It is important that Owners of septic tanks maintain & have their septic systems checked regularly. Environmental Septic Waste Water Systems require regular quarterly servicing, by a qualified plumber, to meet Council requirements and manufa ... read more

Check your Hot Water System

2nd September 2019
Have you been experiencing problems with your hot water system?   We take our hot water systems for granted until they break down and need repair or replacement. When they do break down, we’re left without hot water at the most inconvenient time! NSW Fair Trading consider the installation of an ... read more

Sewer blockage TAFE Inverell

26th September 2018
This is an example of the type of rubbish people place down sewer drainage lines causing blockages.   After clearing the blockage, Josh placed a new cover/lid over the inspection point, to prevent further blockages. ... read more

Winter Worries in Inverell

28th August 2018
During the Winter season we were inundated with frost burst pipes and sewer blockages. Burst & Broken Pipes Common causes of burst & broken pipes are: Wear and tear, corrosion or rusted old pipes may cause a burst pipe in the winter season, when you least expect it. Water pipes not lagged/insu ... read more

Inverell Leaves in Gutters

14th June 2018
Here are photos that demonstrate the need to have some Gutter Guards installed on your roof. To avoid the continual roof maintenance due to the build-up of leaves/vines on rooftop. Contact Us Today   ... read more

Water Cooler Servicing Inverell

14th June 2018
These plumbed in water coolers are suitable for any busy office or showroom environment where first impressions count. They use hi-tech filters to ensure your water is filtered fresh and clean to remove chlorine, lead and other impurities. They need regular maintenance & servicing – including re ... read more

Evaporative Air Conditioning Servicing

28th February 2018
Servicing/Shutdown of Evaporative Air Conditioning Regular servicing will maintain the indoor air quality in your home. Correct maintenance is essential to control the accumulation of sediment, bacteria, mould and algal growth inside the unit. Systems should be used and maintained in accordance wit ... read more

Bushfire Prevention

22nd November 2017
With the bushfire season approaching, check your gutters/roof for any potential fire risks and reduce the impact of embers on your home. Consider bushfire prevention measures:- Metal gutter guards Repair / replace any damaged roof tiles Installation of a roof mounted sprinkler system to reduce ... read more

The Three Ps

15th November 2017
Those flushable wet wipes & baby wipes, what you may not know is that unlike toilet paper, which dissolves in approx 3 minutes, those “flushable” wet wipes JUST DON’T!  Instead they hang around in the wastewater system just waiting for the right moment to block your sewer pipes and send sewe ... read more

Coronial Inquiry into Gasfitting Work

1st November 2017
(photo: Daniel Shaw) In December 2014 an explosion in a granny flat resulted in a man suffering burns to 75 percent of his body. The explosion was a direct result of liquid propane gas (LPG) pooling and being unintentionally ignited. The Coroner has recently completed an Inquiry into the event and ... read more

Braided Hoses

16th May 2017
The braided hose – that innocent looking thing under your kitchen sink, behind your washing machine or toilet is a major contributor to almost 50% of NRMA Home Insurance water damage claims. When it corrodes and fails, it can result in thousands of litres of water flooding your house.But there’s ... read more