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Does Josh do gasfitting?

Yes, Josh is a qualified gasfitter technician and can attend to your gasfitting needs. 

Does Josh service / convert gas appliances such as cooktops/stoves/heaters to LPG?

Subject to the age of the appliance/heater and availability of parts -

  • Yes, Josh can service your gas heater prior to use in the winter months.
  • Yes, Josh can convert gas appliances/heaters from natural gas to LPG.

Contact Josh, your local gasfitter technician, on 0427 477 559, for further information.

Should/Do I need to complete and submit a Section 68 Application to Council for the installation of a septic system?

  • Please contact your local Council for further details and requirements.

Inverell Shire Council link -

Contact Josh on 0427 477 559, for your septic system requirements.

What do I need to consider when getting a new toilet suite?

There are a few things to consider when choosing a toilet suite to replace your existing suite.  

Not all toilet suites are suitable to just retrofit into an existing location.

  • Firstly, is the waste pipe an S trap or P trap pan/toilet suite.
  • Secondly, will the toilet you are considering fit? What is the set out of the waste pipe?

Contact Josh on 0427 477 559 to discuss your options.

What can cause a toilet to block?

It can depend on a few things.

  • It could just be paper, caught by non-disposal wet wipes & baby wipes, broken pipes caused by tree roots or foreign object/s flushed down the toilet.
  • It is common for the toilet deodorizer that clips on the side of your bowl to fall in and be flushed down the drain and become caught on the s trap or bend.

Contact Josh on 0427 477 559 if you encounter any blockages.

I have a smell in my drains.

  • If you notice any unusual smells coming from your sink/s, basin/s, shower/s, floor waste drains or the toilet/s,

Contact Josh on 0427 477 559 to investigate. 

Should I have the Tempering Valve on my Hot Water Service installed/changed/checked?

  • Tempering Valves fitted to hot water services (in accordance with the National Plumbing & Drainage Code AS/NZS3500 and local authority requirements). This valve mixes hot and cold water to deliver tempered water at safer temperatures. There are regulations in place that require a tempering valve to be installed & to allow only 50oC hot water supply to bathrooms for safety reasons and to avoid any scalding/burning occurring which could require medical attention/hospitalisation.
  • For safety reasons the Manufacturer recommends the tempering valve should be checked annually by a licenced plumber to ensure the valve is functioning correctly. The manufacturers recommend the valve be replaced every five (5) years to meet their requirements.
  • The Valves can leak after a period of years and in some instances prior to this.
    Depending on the location of your hot water service, it can also cause internal damage to the ceiling.

Contact Josh on 0427 477 559 for your Hot Water Service needs.

What warranty do you provide for the work you do?

At Josh McCosker Plumbing, We Aim to Do the Job Right and On Time, to avoid any call backs.

If you are not satisfied, please contact us on 0427 477 559 to discuss further.

Any alleged breach of warranty would need to be investigated to determine whether it relates to our workmanship.