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Gas Fitting

  • Commercial LPG Gas Hot Water Systems
  • Gas Appliance Installations & Servicing
  • Gas Heater Installations & Servicing – Decorative type i.e. Real Flame Pyrotech
  • LPG Gas Installations & Servicing
  • Conversion of gas appliances to LPG gas.  
    You may have an gas appliance (i.e. heater / stove / cooktop) that you need to convert from natural gas to LPG or from LPG to natural gas. The actual conversion of the gas appliance must be done by a licensed gas fitter. Under no circumstances should you attempt to convert the appliance yourself or allow an unqualified person to do it for you.   Gas appliances are manufactured for use with only one gas and will not work safely with the other gas. Never attempt to connect a gas appliance to the wrong type of gas, as it can be extremely hazardous.

Servicing Inverell, Ashford, Bundarra, Gilgai, Tingha, Delungra, and the region.

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