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Sewerage/Septic System Solutions

Subject to your local Council’s Section 68 Application approval requirements we can install either an Environmental / Aerated FujiClean system OR a Septic Tank Absorption Rubble Drain Sewerage Waste Water Drainage system.


  • FujiClean have an ADVANCED SECONDARY accredited system in all state & territories of Australia (meaning the effluent discharged is of a higher quality than most of it competitors & could reduce the size of the irrigation area).
  • Are the only AWTS manufacturer that make their own air blower especially for their system.  This reduces the operating power consumption & noise, making it cheaper to run at 54 watts.
  • Light weight & more compact than the other concrete or twin tank poly systems on the market making it easier for installation.
  • The compact design creates less excavation saving money &  time during installation, especially if rock excavation is involved.
  • The Domestic ACE1200 model is manufactured in Queensland and Victoria using Australian materials.
  • Has more than 50 years design & continued testing behind it as reassurance to its proven quality.
  • Sells more than 50,000 systems each year world wide.
  • Have completed and passed the latest testing for the new AS1546.3:2017.
  • Have a dedicated nationwide supply & service network through local distributors.
  • Comes with back up support from FujiClean Australia/FujiClean Japan.

For further information about the Fujiclean system click on this link

Reln/Everhard Septic Tank Absorption Rubble Effluent Waste Water Drainage system

Reln & Everhard septic tanks are manufactured to the requirements of AS/NZS1546.1.

For further information about the Reln Septic Systems click on this link OR
For further information about the Everhard Septic Systems click on this link

Some Companies will not recommend a poly/plastic storage tank, but rather only a concrete storage tank.  It all depends on the site and Council’s requirements.  

Also, Concrete septic tanks involve more handling and usually require a crane lift.

We recommend  you discuss your septic system needs with Josh.

Servicing Inverell, Ashford, Bundarra, Gilgai, Tingha, Delungra, and the region.

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